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Page 38


Nightmare: A Platinum Nuzlocke

While journeying toward Iron Island, Vye and her Pokemon somehow get washed up on the shores of New Moon Island, home of Darkrai. Now Darkrai has issued a challenge to the trainer. If she and her trusted companion, Dodger, can survive the world of her own nightmares, he'll release them. Surviving, it turns out, is the hard part . . . Please note: This comic will be a more story based Nuzlocke comic, but will document my progress as it happened. It will have basic, usually plain art so don't expect it to be pretty either. Rated Teen for blood, violence/fighting/action, mild adult themes, and death. (It's a Nuzlocke run, come on.) Original "Nuzlocke Run" concept by Nuzlocke of Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, and Pokemon U.S.A. This is purely fan made.


Sheer Power Book 3 is out!

For those of you who remember, I work on an original series called Sheer Power, and the third book was released today on Amazon. I hope to someday in the not too distant future support myself with my writing which would then give me more times for comic drawing, so if you want to support the comics, this is how you should do so!

That said, I had made some pages and completed them. (I even already uploaded them to Smack Jeeves and they went up on accident before I was actually ready.) I wanted to get at least 4 updates of Nightmare, EotGG, and Just Gotta ready before actually planning an update schedule, but it the first half of the year I had health issues and wanted to focus my energy into Book 3 which ended up coming out two months later than I hoped anyway. But now that Book 3 is out, I should be able to go back to making comics and I'm planning on getting something out before the end of the year. Just not sure when. Maybe September?

But anyway, hopefully you'll be checking out Sheer Power in the meantime.

Physical copies are $9.99 and can be found here:
Digital copies are $2.99 and can be found here:

Posted by Vye Brante @ July 30th, 2018, 11:27 pm
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Button Issues

The little buttons I used were images I hosted through a site called PhotoBucket. After doing this for years, Photobucket has decided they want to charge $400 a year in order to continue that service. There is absolutely no reason I would do that so the images are going to be offline for a bit. So if you see weird images instead of the normal button, that's why.

I can get the images moved. It will just take me a bit of work so I just have to find the time to sit down and do it. In the meantime, I'm sorry about the PhotoBucket error image thing. Looks like even my Avatar was hosted there.

To my knowledge, no pages should be impacted but if anyone does find a page that I need to fix, let me know! Thanks for your patience with everything!

Posted by Vye Brante @ July 15th, 2017, 3:49 pm
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Shameless Plug/Actual Update

We'll see if this shows up seeing as supposedly my comics are being hidden on the site due to not having a cover page. (Which I haven't done because I didn't already have any files with the proper size and was too lazy to draw something new. Maybe I'll get around to that some time.)

But I thought I should tell you guys what I'm doing. Not a lot of comic work, unfortunately. I've been dabbling in some fan work here and there on my Deviant Art, but most of my time has been spent working on my original work, Sheer Power. Those of you who have been following me for a while probably have heard of it, even if you don't remember.

I've been working on the current version for some time now but came to the conclusion that it was just way too long for the first book of the series. I was convinced to go ahead and split it up some more. Because I am a first time author and don't have faith that a publishing company would take it, I decided to go the self publishing route. I went through Amazon 'cause I thought more people would trust putting their money in there.

So the first book of Sheer Power is now available! There are digital copies which can be read from a computer, smart phone, or tablet, or you can also order a printed physical copy if you prefer. Digital version is $2.99 and physical is $8.99. You can get it from this link below if you are interested!


Now if you are not interested, of course you don't have to buy. If you are interested but just can't pay for it, I understand as well and don't feel pressure to buy it. I do get a portion of the sales so if they eventually do well enough, I could make it a full time job which could then lead to more time for comics. But do I expect this right away? No. Building an audience for a work like this will take time. While I would like this to be my job eventually, for now I still have my current job and it supports me just fine. So like I said, if you aren't interested in this new work of mine, you don't have to get it.

If you are interested though and end up purchasing, I hope you enjoy it and will look forward to the future books!

If you don't have a preference on which version though, I make slightly more off the digital version so... *nudge*

As for comics, I have actually quite a few pages halfway drawn. I just have to get the gumption to finish them. Just Gotta is a bit more intimidating to get going again seeing how it's so much bigger of a story with more history, but I'm determined to do it, somehow! Nightmare is more fun so it's actually just me having to justify spending time on it, haha.

But regardless, sorry my Smack Jeeves presence has been so lacking. If you want to keep up with whatever I'm doing, I'm slightly more active on Deviant Art and I post frequently on Twitter with random things. You can always watch for news from there as well.

My Smack Jeeves return may not be right around the corner, but it is somewhere in the distance. Don't worry, I shall return!

Posted by Vye Brante @ May 15th, 2017, 2:31 pm
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